Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Cosby Republicans?

Booker Rising writes of the coming of Black Republicans, 'old-school' blacks who essentially agree with Bill Cosby's recent campaign. Here's the specific policy positions these folks tend to favor:

support for school prayer: they believe it creates better-behaved children and acknowledges God at the center of humanity

support for school vouchers: they believe enables black parents to choose better schools for their kids

opposition to abortion: viewed as black genocide

opposition to gay marriage: they believe it threatens the already fragile black marriage rate. They also view attempts by (overwhelmingly white) gay activists to link the issue to the Civil Rights Movement as almost blasphemous, racially arrogant, and leeching off black folks' hard work

pro-union: they believe it protects workers from corporate overreach

tax cuts for middle class but keep progressive structure: they don't believe that the rich pay their fair share

support for more African aid & more trade: links to their social gospel ethic

opposition to illegal immigration: viewed as mostly hurting black workers

support for government safety net: linked to their belief that government should care for the needy, but they will also support restrictions to curb irresponsible behavior

are turned off by "blacks are victims" rhetoric: they believe racism exists and will rant against it, but don't buy that it dominates as it did in the 1950s

support for affirmative action: view it as a step up for folks who are willing to improve themselves, and as payback for centuries of black oppression

There are a million reasons that Republicans ought to be more actively courting the Black vote, and I hope they start to see this opportunity. Broadening the Republican tent to better include African Americans would not only moderate the party's sometimes excessive disdain for government, but would heighten the political clout of Blacks overall as each party seeks their support.

Hat tip to The Moderate Voice


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