Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Intelligent Design--Not Just for Biology Anymore

I'll let this article on Deometry speak for itself.

Now there are some legitimate quantum theorists who speculate that the ordering forces of elementary particles resemble something like 'intelligence.' But this is not the argument being used by proponents of Intelligent Design, or of Deometry, to promote their incorporation into curricula. They are quite explicit about using these theories to provide another avenue to talk about God in the classroom. Whether it's appropriate or not is separate from the question of whether this is back-door creationism, and the both the evidence and the rhetoric so far point to the answer being yes.

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At 11:00 AM, Blogger J. James Mooney said...

I recently wrestled with the topic of evolution and intelligent design. I would be interested in your opinion as a scientist, student of biology, and a doctor.

I think it's important to balance scientific fact and religious expressions of faith.

At 6:48 PM, Blogger fmodo said...

To summarize my previous post on ID in the curriculum, here are some observations.

ID is not simply another viewpoint to contrast with evolution--they are theories about different aspects of nature. ID deals with how it began, not how it operates. Evolution deals with how nature operates, not how it began. They're not really mutally exclusive--evolution may be a cog in the intelligent design of the universe. To act as if they are alternative rather than complementary theories demonstrates a desire to supress or dilute evolution for some reason. This is why I get upset about the disingenuousness of some ID supporters.

Secondly, ID is not useful. It may be entirely correct, but it is not a tool to help us solve specific questions the way evolution is. Evolution leads to technology; ID leads to theology. If schools are to be indoctrinations into cultural norms that's fine for social studies or philosophy class, but I think science class is meant to give students the intellectual tools they need to succeed in the market, and understanding the concepts of evolution is a key tool.


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